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Cadence™ 5" Women's Compression Shorts - Women's

Cadence™ 5" Women's Compression Shorts - Women's

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Bandit Cadence™ 5" Women's Compression Shorts - Women's

Bandit's best-selling women's 5" compression in our ribbed Cadence™ performance fabric.

  • Dual anti-bounce side pockets for iphone
  • Zippered stash pocket designed for keys & cards at back yoke
  • Grip tape at front and back bottom hem to prevent any riding up without squeezing
  • Silicone logo at front
  • Custom waistband with branded drawstring and contrast Taxi bartack

Run in for thousands of miles by top athletes with zero reports of chafing.

About Cadence™

Bandit's new ribbed fabric is engineered with a nylon and elastane blend, offering advanced moisture management through efficient wicking and rapid evaporation, enhanced by a specialized finish for quicker drying and reduced chafing risk. Its unique Ottoman knit structure features distinct ribbed textures for durability, visual appeal, and improved air circulation to aid moisture evaporation. The fabric's construction not only promotes flexibility and fabric recovery but also ensures the material retains its shape and properties over time, making it highly durable and ideal for rigorous use. Additionally, the smooth backside of the fabric maximizes wearer comfort, making Cadence™ suitable for activities that demand both performance and comfort.


  • 72% Nylon
  • 28% Spandex
  • Colour: Summer Teal
  • Product Code: WPCBP002SM24ST
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