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Cadence™ Scoop Neck Run Bra - Women's

Cadence™ Scoop Neck Run Bra - Women's

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Bandit Cadence™ Scoop Neck Run Bra - Women's. 

Bandit's signature Scoop Neck Run Bra in their award-winning Stamina™ fabric system.

  • 3 pockets: 2 for gels under each arm, 1 for iPhone at center-back
  • Double layer, matte-finished Stamina™ fabric
  • All-ways versatile stretch for an optimal combination of support and mobility
  • Reflective graphic hits at center front and center back
  • Run in for thousands of miles with zero reports of chafing

About Cadence™

Bandit's new ribbed fabric is engineered with a nylon and elastane blend, offering advanced moisture management through efficient wicking and rapid evaporation, enhanced by a specialized finish for quicker drying and reduced chafing risk. Its unique Ottoman knit structure features distinct ribbed textures for durability, visual appeal, and improved air circulation to aid moisture evaporation. The fabric's construction not only promotes flexibility and fabric recovery but also ensures the material retains its shape and properties over time, making it highly durable and ideal for rigorous use. Additionally, the smooth backside of the fabric maximizes wearer comfort, making Cadence™ suitable for activities that demand both performance and comfort.


  • 72% Nylon
  • 28% Spandex
  • Colour: Deep Teal
  • Product Code: WPSBP003SM24ST
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