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Running Practice Meditation Stool By: Walden

Running Practice Meditation Stool By: Walden

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Running Practice Meditation Stool By: Walden

The design is formed by two monolithic shapes made from solid White Oak Wood coming together at their apex. The wide seat creates a comfortable base and the subtle angle tilts your hips forward for a supportive posture. Bench comes with a custom graphic etched in the wood, and magnetic top cushion customized for this capsule.

Running Practice is a limited capsule made by Mindful Endurance Program for RunAsYouAre, with its foundation in Yin and Yang, as with everything in life. The Yang is represented by the performance pieces, made for running, for speed, for movement. The Yin is found in the soft goods, cottons, made for stillness, for quiet and listening.

*Ship in 2 weeks.


  • Waxed Finish White Oak
  • Magnetic Cushion
  • 15° seat tilt for better posture
  • Made for Seiza Posture
  • Made in New York
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